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13 Questions with Faran

13 Questions with Faran

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Faran Fronczak is an EMMY nominated anchor/journalist/host who is truly passionate about each and every story she covers. Every week, her thousands of subscribers watch and listen to her show "Faran Balanced" where she breaks down stories from the mainstream media to explain how their stories are crafted, designed, and whether or not the media got the story wrong or right.  

​Most recently, Faran covered the Johnny Depp V Amber Heard trial in Fairfax, Virginia, where she reported from the courthouse to multiple outlets, including for prominent independent legal programs, where her reports were seen before hundreds of thousands. 

Faran is known by her viewers as fair, honest, balanced, and unbiased, which is why she has garnered such a following. Faran calls out both sides - right, left, democrat, republican, big and small - and presents the news in a way that makes her viewers not only think differently about the media they are consuming, but she also helps educate her viewers to watch the news differently in the future.

Faran is a Chicago native, and attended Purdue University and North Central College, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. From there, Faran moved 90-miles west to the "9th Most Dangerous City" at the time, Rockford, Illinois, where she covered crime and politics for WIFR, the CBS affiliate. 

Faran went on to FOX28 in South Bend, Indiana, where she started as the FOX28 "ride-a-long" morning show reporter. She has flown in a 1940's biplane and performed stunts, jumped into frozen lakes to complete ice rescues, tested the breaks of a BMW on black ice at 80 miles an hour, and learned how to drive a military MRAP tank, tow a truck in 12ft of snow, and how to drive a snow plow! And this was all on LIVE TV! In just 18-months after arriving in South Bend, Faran was promoted to the morning anchor, and then nightly news anchor for FOX28, most notably covering Obama's second trip to South Bend, then Governor Pence's Vice Presidential nomination, and every 2016 Presidential candidate's trip through Michiana.

Faran then moved 1,100 miles southwest to El Paso, Texas, where she was the main anchor for NBC News Channel 9. While in El Paso, she covered all things politics and issues on the border in both English and Spanish. Faran also adopted a dog from just over the border in Juarez, Mexico - Buddy - where the two went through "therapy training" so Buddy could visit the local children's hospitals. Faran also was involved with local veterans stationed at Fort Bliss and the Salvation Army.  

Most recently, Faran was the morning anchor for the ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she covered the Michigan Primary and the annual Art Prize Contest. Her story "Faran & Meryn Take Art Prize: The National Contest Through the Eyes of a 2-year-old" was nominated for an EMMY Award, with the results being announced in May. 

Faran has danced professionally in the NBA as a "Luvabull" for the Chicago Bulls, and was also the Captain of the Purdue Dance Team, helping the team win a 4th Place National Title in 2008. 

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